The man himself Dvrk is back with his 3rd release, this time with a collaboration with Helzak, entitled, “The Pluck”.

Proving to be as diverse and innovative as humanly possible, “The Pluck” comes across as a cute track with an evil and unexpected side to it. Starting in a very positive and joyful manner, the track grows around its core melody, until reaching an outstanding dubstep drop. Opting on a more melodic route, the drop is constructed beautifully with every fill helping the track to flow and breathe.

Never losing his Metal influences that took him to where he stands today, Dvrk had set the bar high with his precious release “More Love”, managing to surpass it however with “The Pluck”.

With several collaborations under his belt such as Atarii, Peled, Helzak, Anxxiety, and plenty more, he proves that his style of production is broad and that he can go mental when needed.

Dvrk is the solo project from Bastien, member of the rather well know metal band, Nightshade. It’s with this project that he can better find himself and with the release of his first single on May 2019 he counted with almost 100 000 streams in the first 3 months.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out “The Pluck” and beware for 2020 might very well be Dvrk’s year!

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