In a rather mysterious livestream on Instagram, Q-dance announced the anthem makers for the first edition of Epiq: Devin Wild & Rebelion!

It seems this is the first of the unlikely collaborations that Q-dance aims to do around this whole Epiq concept, and we start out with a bang, merging the two extremes of Hardstyle – the more melodic one with Devin Wild and the more aggressive one with Rebelion.

Devin Wild has been on the highlights recently for releases like his The Qontinent anthem, Mind Bending, Dream Deferred and The Time Has Come with Noisecontrollers. But he already has an impeccable catalog of amazing releases from since he started putting out tracks in 2015.

Rebelion are also on a big highlight of their careers. They’ll be celebrating their 5 years in great style in late October (an event in collaboration with Q-dance) and are one of the masters of the rougher edge of Hardstyle, while also being authentic and unique in their own craft. You can’t go wrong with tracks like Misery, with Deadly Guns, Fake Shit with Tha Watcher, and The Edge, where they featured Micah Martin.

You can watch the relevant parts of this announcement below:

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