The duo Amentis released a thunderous track at Dirty Workz this week. “Vibrate” was played on very famous podcasts like Digital Punk’s Unleashed, Brennan Heart’s WE R Hardstyle and Coone’s Global Dedication! We can conclude that the track was very much loved by top DJ’s.

The track contains an incredible melody and some kicks that make you shiver! Or rather… Vibrate!

Amentis have already released very high quality tracks like the Omegatypez ft. The VisionCalling” remix, “Revelation” and more.

Amentis have already been present at many events but have never gotten the recognition they deserve. The act was present on one of Radical Redemption’s events on “The Road to Redemption” tour, performed in events at Bootshaus, at Hard Island and more. Dirty Workz is indeed giving the merit they deserve since they’ve joined in 2017. We have many more releases of Amentis and one day they will get more listeners.

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