French talent comes back to NSD: Black Label with Graphyt‘s brand new “Colossus” EP released today!
The french DJ and producer is a known NeverSayDie Records member with several EPs released (one of them in collaboration with Ecraze) and with several releases under other labels such as Bassweight Records, Uplink Audio, Odio Records and Disciple, to mention a few.

This new EP starts off with an amazing track, the best of the whole compilation in our opinion: “The Awakening“. Graphyt takes on a more melodic route with a track that is not as hard-hitting but compensating with an amazing vocal drop and crazy atmosphere.

Colossus“, the second track, has some new elements added to it but not as much as we would like it to have. It’s a decent track, just not that good. The second part of each drop are better than the first.

The last two tracks are just more of the same. Both “Surrounded By Fire” and “From The Depths” are two standard riddim tracks that don’t really deliver anything outstanding, new, inovating. After listening to them, they actually become boring.

We can really split the EP in two moments. The first two tracks and the last two tracks. It starts off really well and goes downhill from there on. It’s filled with sounds heard before from him.

Something really important and that we liked is the EP’s cover art. Perhaps a new logo from the artist with an amazing color selection. It really is a “Colossus” represented on the cover art.

Listen below to the “Colossus EP” by Graphyt and let us know what you think of it? What tracks do you fancy the most?

[REVIEW] Graphyt unleashed his Colossus EP!
Favorite Track
  • The Awakening
Least Favorite
  • Surrounded By Fire
6.8Overall Score

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