With the return of our Imminent Radioshow for yet another episode we are excited to bring you an artist that promises to break your neck, Dr.Ushūu!

This prodigy of dubstep has been destroying the scene, having seen his tracks supported by Ookay, Samplifire, Ivory amongst many others!

And as per usual, we took our time to interview him:

How was your start as an artist?

My start as an Artist was pretty hard, i started with Garage Band on my father’s Ipad and i was loving making music there, but a friend at school told me that I should use Fl Studio and at the time it was so hard, that I tried FL Studio Twice! But I worked harder the second time and thanks to other producers and friends i am learning everyday!

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

I got so many inspirations in what regards sound design, arrangement, everything! But I’d say my producer friends and people who believed in me.

Which obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?

Self-love and believing in me are to this day my bigger obstacles but my goals are bigger than them, and my friends are there to support me aswell. Little Shoutout to my man Ivory for giving me the best advices recently!
And the third obstacle was my family. It was hard to let them understand what i want to do for life and what my goals are. But now they believe in me and that’s the most important part!

With unbelievable tracks from his peers, aswell as some classing heavyweight bangers, and of course his own productions, this episode will invoke even the shyest of headbangers!

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