Yesterday, September 12, German-Italian Raw Hardstyle producer and DJ has committed another “crime” on his label Theracords Labs, this young man has released another bombastic track “Blood Moon“.

In Raw’s old classic style, Mr. Riccardo aka Criminal Mayhem releases a track with a very interesting theme that quickly caught the attention of fans. With a few dry kicks and a rather dark melody, this kid is ready to climb a career ladder as he slowly gets his own unique style. Thera really knows what he’s doing when it comes to bringing guys to his label.

Riccardo started his career in 2014 and since then has been very focused on climbing up so much that DJs like Jason Payne, Ncrypta and Re-Mind have been giving this guy a lot of support and he’s proved what he is capable at every Hardstylers dream festival, Defqon.1!

Look out for this young man because in the future he is able to launch more bangers!

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