Judging by the posts on both artist’s Instagram profiles, it seems a clash of titans has occurred! Phuture Noize and Sefa will be having a collaboration coming out in the near future.

Phuture Noize took some time to reply to comments from the fans and with that we already know that the collaboration will fuse the best of Phuture Noize’s atmospheres and Sefa’s classical influences, and that Marco is a big fan of how Sefa creates his melodies.

There’s not much that can be said about these artists that wasn’t already said. They’re at their absolute finest in each of their careers as of now, and they’re very well known names, even to people who aren’t really into the harder styles of dance music.

Phuture Noize is on a roll after finishing his Black Mirror Society project and releasing the Deluxe Edition of his album, with new tracks that he presented on an astonishing set at The Gathering at Defqon.1.

In the meantime, Sefa also had a major role at Defqon.1 and performed at the mainstage, and he’s just recently released an astonishing track named Walking In The Air!

We’re very much looking forward to what may be one of the best collaborations we’ll see during this year!

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