Without further ado, Aggressive Act release their first album with plenty of variety and quality.

Straight to the point, we will begin our review of this magnificent album.

Arise – We started with a pretty soft melody… Fine so far but when the first fake drop comes and then the drop, the house goes down with these powerful kicks. And if you pay attention to the lyrics, they are a wake-up call to motivate you “I choose to live, NOT DIE“. Overall the track itself is quite good.

Crime – Do you like gated kicks? Now this is the second track of the album, you should be prepared for the kicks of this album because neither we expected something so good would come without warning anything or anyone!

F.T.W.C. (Fuck with The Crew) – Reverse bass lovers didn’t expect to hear it on a pure Xtra Raw album, did they? So surely this track will drive you crazy. The variety of this album starts here and is the reason it’s so good and “You can’t fuck with the crew, yo!“.

#Northface – One of the most aggressive, if not the most aggressive tracks. There is not much that can be said about this track, since its destruction already speaks for itself.

United As One – Let’s face it, Xtra Raw kicks and melodies (climax) are a rare couple, but when it does, we are surprised how the result looks. Malice and Rooler came out of their comfort zone and decided to create this track that is not bad at all for those who like “melody and kick” at the same time, but I don’t give it a high score. Near the end of the track you hear “We bring the Chaos“, they bring it in because the last kick broke the windows of my house!

Supreme – “We are Supreme” a tribute to one of Raw Hardstyle’s biggest events, Supremacy! This track was already known before it came out on this album so there is not much to extend about it.

Maleer – Okay, ok, I wasn’t really expecting this one, what do you mean? Lyrics of Vinnie Paz (a well-known American rapper) on a Malice and Rooler track? Am I dreaming? Please take the trophy already because this is very good. This combination was something extraordinary.

Aggressive Act Re-Kick – Anyone who has been following this style of music has long known that this was one of the best-known tracks that gave rise to new horizons in Xtra Raw. We recommend listening to the original track and then checking its rework! Really good one!

Mutants (Remix) – Gated Kicks everywhere, remix of a very good Delete track! We don’t have much to point out about this song.

Tortute – Our house must already be destroyed enough with this album, but in this track Malice and Rooler decided to calm the power and do something different, I call this innovation! That climax at the end of the track was the icing on the cake!

Desctructive Acts (Remix) – Wait… I said our house was destroyed enough, remember?… I don’t think the Aggressive Act agree! We end this review with this very good Hardcore track! Oh damn, this one is something!

But take it easy, take a moment to do a ritual of concentration and listen very carefully to those 300 BPMs at the end of the track. “FUCK!”

[REVIEW] Aggressive Act's debut album blew us away!
Favorite Tracks
  • Maleer
  • Supreme
  • #Northface
Least Favorite Tracks
  • United As One
  • Arise
7.3Overall Score

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