After being played countless times through festivals since its premiere at Qlimax last year, after being widely acclaimed by the community and making huge success, the mega collaboration between Frequencerz and Phuture Noize named Starlight finally sees the light of day!

These two names are absolutely unavoidable within the Hardstyle scene, so it was predictable they’d made an absolute masterpiece. Frequencerz have long been in the scene and have an extensive catalog of astonishing releases. Phuture Noize has seen unprecedented success in the last couple of years ever since releasing Black Mirror Society.

The massive impact this track had within the community is undeniable. It is a fan favorite on festivals and you’ll now be able to replay it again and again as loud as you wish at home.

The uplifting vocals alluding to unity and good times resonate with the Hardstyle crowd in an indescribable way and give the track an amazing atmosphere, while giving you shivers through your spine! The melody is very catchy, has an amazing energy, and calmer vocal parts are very well balanced with the harder parts, which are filled with punchy kicks with the usual quality you expect from these artists.

There isn’t much to say about this track. It is simply a marvellous masterpiece and showcases the absolute best that can be made within Hardstyle. Head over below to add it to your Spotify playlist!

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