They’ve been on the scene for a long time and they’re widely known and acclaimed… Cosmic Gate are one of those names that just keeps on giving to Trance fans!

They’re celebrating this astonishing milestone with an album that has the same name as their tour – Forward Ever Backward Never. This album is guaranteed to satisfy Trance addicts, both old and new, with its astonishing tracklist containing 16 tracks, with some entirely new or recent such as Need to Feel Loved and Light Years, and with others being old hits reimagined by either Cosmic Gate themselves or other artists.

Some of the highlights are Cosmic Gate’s remixes of Lizard by Mauro Picotto, and L.E.D. There Be Light from Rank 1, one of the most sought after Trance anthem, as well as “2.0” versions of Not Enough Time and The Wave which will definitely bring back some memories to those of us here for longer. There are also remixes from high class acts, such as Andrew Bayer’s remix of Fire Wire, Patrick White’s remix of FAV and Grum’s take on Exploration of Space!

This is definitely worth a listen to anyone who’s an Electronic Music fan as it showcases a bit of the history and evolution of a very iconic duo that’s been here for very long and that shaped the way Trance is nowadays. Here’s to 20 more years of Cosmic Gate!

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