RVAGE has amazing news out! He will be taking his fans through an inter-dimensional journey with his latest piece of work: a mini album titled New Dimension!

This great producer is another artist joining all those who’ve released albums this year, but given his track record, we’re certain this will not be “just another album”. He’s been releasing since 2015 and started at the famous X-Raw imprint, and climbed his way up through A2 Records, Scantraxx and now the newly created Scantraxx Black. During his career he was also featured on Unleashed and Nightbreed.

He’s known for tracks like Purpose Of Life, The Endless and by the track that gives name to this album, New Dimension. In his discography he also has very interesting highlights such as the anthem for Outlands in 2018 and Indicator as well, in the same year, and a collaboration with Degos & Re-Done called Never Break Me.

As expected, reactions on this announcement have been rather positive, and the producer said he’s worked very hard to put this album out! We’re looking forward to see what this amazing talent has in store.

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