After revealing the names of Boris Brejcha, Ann Clue, Deniz Bul, Theydream – for December 13 – I Hate Models, Benjamin Damage – for the next day – Paula Temple and Etapp Kyle – who will take the stage on the last day – LX Music has announced a new set of artists to make up the LXM Festival lineup: Ben Klock, Dax J and Answer Code Request (in the picture) will join Paula Temple and Etapp Kyle in a festival closing that promises to be insane!

From Ben Klock there is little to know: resident of the superclub Berghain in Berlin since 2005, he is one of the faces of the city’s techno movement and one of the most sought-after DJs of his generation. Known for his marathon sets and BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix of the Year winner in 2015, Klock is also the founder and owner of Klockworks since 2006, dedicated to producing raw and minimal techno, having already launched talents like DVS1 and Etapp Kyle. He returns to Portugal after playing on the 7th of this year’s Neopop.

Dax J is a DJ and British producer based in Berlin. From 2015, year of the release of his first studio album, “Shades of Black“, Dax began to gain prominence in the British underground scene, when his tracks were played by consecrated ones like Dave Clarke or Ben Klock in their sets for the BBC Radio, the BBC’s Essential Mix. We can expect a techno set, like Klock’s style, at a frenetic pace, and full of obscure and onimous elements, which, according to him, aim to reflect political activism, paranoia and his past in underground raves. This is a new visit to Portugal for the third time this year, after performing Lux Frágil and in Neopop.

From Berlin also comes Answer Code Request. Patrick Gräser brings a different take on how to look at techno: a 4/4 hybrid techno with piercing melodies, intricates breaks and an industrial sonic palette. He founded the label Ostgut Ton in 2012 and became a resident of Berghain shortly after. As a DJ, he seeks to convey some of Berlin’s culture with his low tempo bass and break-heavy techno. He returns to Portugal after having played at Industria in 2018 with the company of Diana Oliveira and Terzi.

Early bird tickets are available on LX Music’s website, via the Xceed platform, at a special price of 31 euros for a day, 52 for the entire festival.

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