It seems Spitnoise has struck gold with his latest collaboration, as he’s in the studio with the one and only Nosferatu!

This is a classic case of new school meets old school for something that will most likely have an astonishing result! The difference between these two artists is quite striking and there will certainly be much that Nosferatu can teach Spitnoise and tips that the newcomer can teach to the legend.

For those that don’t know Spitnoise, he’s one of the most spoken about artists in the Uptempo Hardcore scene. He first started releasing back in 2017 at the Uptempo Is The Tempo record label and has since released on Bounce Back, RSLVD Records and was featured on a release from DRS on Triple Six. One of his most known tracks is Just Like That.

Nosferatu is an absolute legend that doesn’t need introduction. This name has been seen releasing as early as 1994 on renowned imprints such as Ruffneck Records, Gangsta Audiovisuals, Enzyme and Neophyte Records. Tracks like Fuck The Prejudice, Psychiatric Ass with Ophidian, and more recently Lived Again and Battleground are just few tracks that ravers know very well.

So what do you think of this mashup of two very different currents within the Hardcore scene? One thing’s for sure, so far it’s something not seen before!

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