A funny comment from Sefa on a post on Headhunterz Instagram profile earlier today may have just led to these artists leaking a collaboration between them earlier than expected…

This comment from Headhunterz roughly translates as having “mixed feelings with that collab”, so it appears they may be working together in the studio! Hard Dance websites are quickly picking this up, because if it happens, it will most certainly be something out of this world!

Sefa is already quite an acclaimed name within the Hard Dance scene. Despite being rather young, he’s had major highlights this year, such as doing Defqon.1’s anthem and performing at the mainstage of the festival. This is one of the reasons we’ve bet on this artist as being one of the major breakthroughs last year!

As for Headhunterz, he needs no introduction. He’s been a major part of the Hard Dance scene for years and he’s a legend. Since his early days at Scantraxx he was a very promising young talent, and we can definitely see some resemblance between him and Sefa due to this. He’s released legendary tracks such as Rock Civilization, The Power Of The Mind, Scrap Attack, Destiny and Orange Heart.

So do you think they’re indeed together in the studio, or was this just some trolling? Time will tell!

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