Earlier today, on Atmozfears’ official fan group, Tim himself took it to the comment section on one particular post to release astonishing news: he may be having two upcoming collaborations, and one of them is quite unexpected!

The user who made the post suggested a collaboration between him and Wasted Penguinz, to which Atmozfears replied that there are plans to do one, but no actual work towards starting it. However, and after another user suggestion in the comments, he’s confirmed that he was working with Rebelion at some point! What’s not clear is if there are plans to continue and release it…

Although this combination of artists is quite strange given their style differences, Atmozfears is no stranger to collaborating with artists that have sounds outside of his comfort zone. He’s previously collaborated with The Vision, Sub Sonik, Sub Zero Project and Phuture Noize, for example, with really great results

With all that being said, we truly hope that Atmozfears does finish that collaboration with Rebelion and gets started on one with Wasted Penguinz – both will surely rock stages everywhere!

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