Aversion, who was recently promoted to the main Theracords label from the Labs sub label is showing us why he deserved such a promotion in his latest releases. He came out with two bangers, one named Showtime in collaboration with Calybr, and a solo track named Unleashed.

We’ve got some fresh new young talent doing somethings that I know you haven’t heard before

The opening vocals for Showtime say it all. There’s a wave of producers doing new things in Hardstyle and both of these artists are part of this group. This track spends no time teasing the listener. Right after the vocal part we’re presented with a very heavy kick accompanied by a pronounced bass that can get any crowd going. The second part of the track follows the same recipe, but with an addicting melody accompanying the huge kick!

Unleashed is the solo track and this is where Aversion went all out, unleashing his heavy sound. All the elements of the intro make you feel like some kind of beast is loose outside… This is most certainly Aversion referring to himself and the way he’ll destroy dancefloors from now on!

With releases like these, Aversion stands out as one of the artists to watch in the near future. So be sure to keep an eye on his next tracks as they’ll most certainly be astonishing!

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