On this very exciting 10th episode of our Imminent Radioshow, we bring you one of Portugal’s biggest names in what comes to Bass Music, Ninja Kore!

Having recently released “Vendetta” and “Burning My Soul”, news are that they have recently finished producing an EP. Their production style seems to lean more and more towards harshness, and this mix shows just that. But before, of course, we took the time to interview them!

How was your start as an artist?

Mixtec – The love we hold for music in general seems like something we were born with.

After moving to London at the age of 14, I studied music and worked at a CD shop. Everything I learned was self-taught, from mixing to producing, being that at the time there were no Youtube tutorials.

Over 10 years ago we decided to engage in the creation of Ninja Kore, a project that from the get-go was meant to defy every genre and not settle for anything conventional. We reckon we did a pretty good job at that.

(PEACE MAKER!’s answer here)

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Our biggest inspiration would have to be The Prodigy. As a music group they revolutionized and helped carve what is today’s electronic music. In what regards DJ’s, the one’s that took a piece of our hearts are Infected Mushroom and Pendulum, who inspired the creation of Ninja Kore. Later of course, the man himself, Skrillex, that to this day still inspires us in many ways.

Which obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?

Because we live solely from music, its important to manage your time well so you don’t get affected by stress. Unfortunately, our surroundings don’t hand much of a chance to Bass music and harsher sounds, but over the past year or so, we’ve learned to always believe on our work. In all honesty, producing and seeing our fans interacting with us, make us escape the daily stress.

If we had to give any advice to producers and musicians out there would be to engage and be supportive of other artists because at the end of the day, we all love music and we all have the same dream. Also be moderate. When you get booked for a gig, save some money and invest in yourself.

They are our 10th Imminent guests and counting with an insane amount of ID’s, aswell as tracks by Kayzo, ALRT, Atrip, Pegboard Nerds and plenty plenty more, you are in for a treat!

Here are NINJA KORE on the Imminent Radioshow!

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