The British duo Third Party, owners of Release Records, surprised all their fans this afternoon by showing a teaser of their next chapter.

Known worldwide for their progressive and their “LIIIVE” performances, the Third Party duo is now in great shape and showing that they have the ability to raise the bar and come up with the new sub-label “Release Deep“. The name says it all and, despite the little information, here is a new way for the English duo to grow their main label, Release Records, thus pulling producers with different styles.

The short teaser with a few seconds was featured on the official Third Party Instagram, and there is already a page for their new sub-label. With all this undoubtedly the public is enthusiastic and given that “deep” is not something properly linked to Third Party, there was no fear of creating a different concept and no doubt that it will have new talent. Not forgetting that Portuguese talents like Pete K or Francisco Cunha that already released songs in Release and they shared in their social networks this new chapter.

Now we must wait and what will come in the future will surely be something very big.

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