Aggressive Act aka Malice and Rooler have announced on social media that they will release an album this month.

Speaking of each one of them, the Italian duo, Malice, are well known and loved by Xtra Raw Hardstyle fans, having released an album last year called “The Extreme” and creating their own event that got packed, because nobody wanted to miss that night.

Malice are also responsible for this sub-genre growing fast and spreading it all over the world, one of the first songs that caught the eye of the fans was the O.B.I – Girls Love Techno bootleg. Since then they’ve only been rising.

Rooler, another DJ and producer of Xtra Raw from Italy, has been gaining more fan recognition and has produced bangers like “YES!“, “Survive The Street” with Sefa and “Domination”! Italy, in addition to its magnificent pizza, also has excellent producers! Bello!

Aggresive Act opened their own label relatively recently, to find out more about this label, click here!

Their album will be called “Supreme” as this album will be exactly what it says: quite supreme!

We have never wanted a month to go by so fast, we can’t wait for this album to pop out of the oven.

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