Probably an unlikely collaboration but the truth is that great DJ’s Steve Aoki, Timmy Trumpet and Dr Phunk have come together to create an amazing track.

Speaking of Steve Aoki we already know that a great song will surely come and joining Timmy Trumpet raises the bar to another level. With Dr Phunk one enters a new level and consequently comes a collaboration between these 3 great artists. “Hava” is the new theme.

This new song begins with some Hardstyle kicks, certainly introduced by Dr Phunk, who then stop and enter the famous Trumpet of Timmy. With a smoother first drop we feel the mix of Steve Aoki and Timmy Trumpet’s hardstyle and melodies, something that looks pretty good and has a great pace. In the second drop, things get heavier and there is nothing to spare. It is really something very good and well done.

This is all very positive for artists who leave their comfort zone and end up experimenting with other styles that even succeed. Even when talking about 3 big names in electronic music it is sometimes hard to get out of that same comfort zone and these 2 artists have done it, joining Dr Phunk and mixing new rhythms.

Listen below the new track of Steve Aoki, Timmy Trumpet and Dr. Phunk:

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