Nefarious is both the name that represents a very known duo in the Hardcore scene and their new EP, released at Masters of Hardcore. Even though you might not be familiar with this name, their acts and tracks, it’s actually a huge name from the Hardest grounds that is behind it. The project consists in the two man from Destructive Tendencies, an english pair that decided to give life to Nefarious with the purpose of producing faster tunes and to reach the Uptempo BPM’s, a particular genre that was never a secret that it belonged to the interests of these men, judging by their live sets that barely give the crowd a second to rest.

There couldn’t be any better names to describe what to expect from this EP than the names given to the 3 tracks, which are:

  • 1. Wicked                                                
  • 2. Villainous 
  • 3. Despicable

Villainous, the second track, is a result from a collaboration between Nefarious and a Hardcore veteran, the DJ/Producer Rob Gee. On both Wicked and Despicable, you’ll listen to two famous voices from the Hard world, which are respectively, MC Alee and Tha Watcher, the names chosen to take the responsability of giving some vocals to the first and last parts of this historic move from Destructive Tendencies.

Set up your favorite source of sound and prepare to dive into a bucket of twisted material:

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