Kremlin has many highlights this upcoming month!

Unlike the weather in Lisbon in these last few days, Kremlin’s August menu is looking bright!

We start strong this upcoming weekend with Dub Tiger leading the charge on both 9th and 10th, and in great company with Dexx on the first day and Gandhi & Guidance on the second.

We then have on the 14th a Rebelicious night! Its lineup features well known figures such as Poppy, who’s been a name known for a while now, M. Dusa, and Adriana Campanhol, who’s also a known name for those that often come to Kremlin.

On the 16th, Helder Brito will take over the decks for another unforgettable night, and once more we will have Dub Tiger.

For the 17th, Dub Tiger invited Syper and Truke, representing Fuse Records and Music Speaks, respectively, so you can expect sounds from these two labels.

To finish off the month in great style, the 23rd is all about WiseAttack, as they’ll take over Kremlin, and the 30th is Fernando Rodrigues’ birthday bash, featuring the legendary Carlos Manaça, alongside Dub Tiger and, once more, the sounds of Dexx.

So which ones of these nights are for you?

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