Trance has been a lead genre in the past couple of years, more specifically Psy-Trance and there’s someone pushing it forward and upward everyday: Mandragora, and he just dropped a brand new smasher packed album algonside 4i20!

In fact, if you’re aware of your surroundings this is no stranger name to you and Mandragora has surely rang your psy bell. This brand new album, Mechanics of Travel is definitely going to take you on a journey and you will travel along the bass sounds you didn’t know you needed.

The Mexican with a Brazilian soul DJ and producer brought out nine of his newest tracks on this new album and you will enter the madness from start to finish. Featuring some calmer parts so that you can rest a bit, the entire compilation is filled with filthy basslines and from ‘Monster Juice‘ to ‘Evil Way‘, you’ll find yourself wishing to be on the dancefloor witnessing these near perfect records.

It finishes off with something you wouldn’t expect and that caught us laughing to ourselves. ‘Why This Track Dint Sell‘ is the perfect title to the track as it is the only one different from the previous in a way that you doubt it being from Mandragora himself. It isn’t psy trance and it is probably the best way this album could finish.

It features some classic acapelas such as ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ by Bob Marley and all these perfect combinations make the album something you must listen.

It is now available everywhere, so just do it:

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