Armin van Buuren is definitely one of the biggest names in electronic music history, hence why he has won several awards for “best producer and DJ”. Trance being the main genre of our “godfather”, Armin sometimes likes to get out of his comfort zone and produce other tracks of various styles and even play everything he likes on his sets.

Well… Let’s say, one thing is “play” another is “produce”! Yes, Armin will produce for the very first time in his career a Hardstyle track! He loves to play remixes from various Hardstyle producers like Sound Rush, Brennan Heart & Toneshifterz, Devin Wild, Bass Modulators and the magical Frontliner on his sets and people go crazy about it! After closing all of his sets in 150 BPM, it is time to release a brand new tune in this tempo. We definitely can’t wait for that to happen.

You can jump to the track we’re mentioning here. He doesn’t only feature Hardstyle in his sets, but also in his podcast “A State of Trance” which ends its episodes at 150 BPM. He’s a great fan isn’t he? We can’t wait for Armin van Buuren’s new album, because shortly after he announced it he also announced that he was going to release such track by telling fans – “I have one more surprise up my sleeve… Are you ready for it?”.

What’s your opinion on this? Will even more people join Hardstyle thanks to Armin? Will this song be well received by fans?

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