Louis released today – August 5th – a brand new song, called “Dreamland”, featuring beta max.

Louis – whose real name is Luís Barbosa – is a Portuguese DJ and Producer, who despite being a huge fan of House, Eletro and Progressive beats and having Hardwell as his biggest inspiration, has been betting big on Hardstyle both in the studio and in his DJ performances.

This young producer likes to experiment different genres and has already released a wide range of sounds, from hightempo like his songs as “Last Shot”, “Prisoner” featuring ROXANA or “The Moment”– which are characterized by having strong and accelerated rhythms and heavier beats – to more downtempo music like his other song “Make” and the one he’s releasing now.

Louis’ brand new track “Dreamland” is a song with a slower tempo, having harmonic rhythms, a strong background beat and beautiful vocals performing poetic lyrics.

You can listen to the full song below:

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