Swedish DJ/Producer Kaaze complained about the treatment he and his wife got at Big Slap festival in Sweden.

Big Slap festival just wrapped up, but controversy regarding one of the DJs broke out. DJ/Producer Kaaze – real name Mick Kastenholt – took it to social media to talk about the way he got treated by the festival’s staff.

According to Kaaze, the festival’s main promoter “Ali” insulted him and his wife Samantha, being rude and calling them names, eventually kicking the DJ out, when he was just “enjoying the night with his friends Nicky Romero and Timmy Trumpet”. The Revealed talent further claimed that he is not one to be messed with, and vows there will be consequences.

This announcement left the dance music world a bit speechless, as such treatment is certainly far from acceptable, especially considering Kaaze is a “homegrown” artist. But the story seemed a bit shady, as it lacked vital details, both from Kaaze and from Big Slap, and neither Nicky Romero nor Timmy Trumpet have pronounced themselves on the matter.

Since then, there have been updates: Kaaze’s original post has been deleted, and replaced by one of reconciliation, where the artist clears the air by announcing he has been contacted by the festival – which issued an oficial apology – applauding the organization for “fixing it in a professional way.”

Kaaze has a new single out now called “Intuition”, which is the oficial anthem for Dance Valley 2019. You can check out down below.

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