The podium of is now fully occupied by the tracks from 2 Clips Bitch EP, which was released this week by Trespassed, a young man from the Netherlands, under the Triple Six Records label. Even though the name of this EP may mislead you, it is actually composed by 3 tunes, one of them being a collab with MBK, a producer that belongs to the same record label and that has been getting bigger month after month due to his talented releases.

Looking back at Trespassed’s history, we can easily see what was his main goal as he said that “I want to make quality tracks. But I also want to push the edge.”, a strong sentence that seems to still be his motto when you take a listen to his last pack of heavy material. All tracks are built with a quite big number when it comes to BPM’s, although, the diversity of kicks, the details given to the percussion breaks and to the vocals work, have an impact on your listening experience and take a reverse step to the tiredness that usually comes aboard with such fast beats. These are some of the reasons why this EP is right now on the top of the Hard genres chart and why you should not miss it.

Don’t be afraid of trespassing and try it yourself:

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