On the 9th episode of our Imminent Radioshow we are delighted to bring you the very talented youngsters, Louis & Sly-R, with their stunning performance at this years Dancefloor!

Their love for Hardstyle is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed and through their many years of discovery and production, its no surprise to see them gaining more and more reputation in the world of Harder Styles.

The beauty in this guest-mix is something that will blow every listeners mind and in this journey like hour, they will allow you to experience every emotion through their sounds.

With Portugal gaining more and more notoriety in what regards Hardstyle and their community, Louis & Sly-R come to help solidify this marvelous genre even further!

We, of course, took the oportunity to ask them some questions in order to have you know a little bit about them!

“How was your start as an artist?”

I started 6 years ago, at the time I was only playing with a mixer and the curiosity about how the songs were built took me to try some DAWs. After a few days it went from curiosity to passion that lasts until today.

I started my journey in 2016 when I was in a bad health times of my life. I was searching for confort in music and I found it! I remember to listen the music that my brother listened when I was a kid, and in this time I already started liking electronic music. The start is never easy, I mean, starting in a think that I never work. But luckily I had a big help from many people and I’m so thankful for have them in my life!

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Everything that revolves around an artist can serve as an inspiration. From family, friends or even a simple sound of nature. I quite identify myself with Atmozfears, Hardwell and Headhunterz

I have no one who is an inspiration to me. I like to be me, I do not want to be like someone, I want to be me. Obviously I have artists that I like very much and I like to follow, but I think our inspiration must always be in us, let go of everything we have inside us, and in our life experiences.

“Which obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?”

I think that as in all artists, from the most different areas, the lack of inspiration to produce / create, is the biggest obstacle. There is no trick to not go through this moments, but it helps not to push. We just have to be peaceful with ourselves and let life take its course in the best way possible.

In everything in life we always have obstacles and music is the same. But I think most of the obstacles we have are ourselves that create because we think we can not do anything! I think that my biggest obstacle will always be myself.

So without further adue, its with great pleasure that we welcom Louis & Sly-R to the line-up, bringing you on a trip, through the beauty of Hardstyle!

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