Unite With Tomorrowland was for the first time in Portugal and we will tell you in detail how this first edition went and all the things you need to know.

It’s an EDM lover’s dream to come to Tomorrowland, a festival that has all genres of electronic music and leaves anyone thinking they are in an enchanted land. In fact, it is a dream and the organization has decided to take part of that dream to several European cities including Porto. It was in the Parque Oriental da Cidade, in Campanhã, that all the magic happened.

The day started early with a Lisbon>Porto trip to Unite With Tomorrowland. After 3 hours of travel we finally arrived in the beautiful city of Porto with the enthusiasm of living in the dream of being in “Tomorrowland”. Alongside the Campanhã station were several flags of the Belgian festival, and flags of some countries, something that really happens at the festival. After a walk of about 30 minutes to the eastern Parque Oriental da Cidade, we come across the whole atmosphere that makes us shiver, and that’s when we feel a bit of what it is to be in Tomorrowland. At the security level we were peacefully searched, there were no incidents whatsoever and the organization made sure to have lockers for those who could not get in place to keep them, and as expected, the lines were huge to that zone while at the main entrance to the enclosure it was quite fast and without queues.

Upon entering the grounds, we had the food and drink area and also merchandising with official Tomorrowland clothing, where, unfortunately, a simple t-shirt with the Tomorrowland logo cost 35 € and where a sweatshirt cost about 70 €… we have to keep the business of Tomorrowland. After we passed this zone, we headed towards the stage, where the audience was already vibrating to the sound of Diego Miranda, who was already at the end of his set and where I only heard about 5 minutes. This was followed by Martin Solveig, one of the enthusiastically expected artists who entered without delay and presented a very energetic set and without forgetting the hits that he launched, and which directed him to glory. Below you can see a small sample of the environment during the Martin Solveig set:

After a very good set by Martin Solveig comes the first live broadcast of the Tomorrowland stage in Belgium, where the duo Vini Vici came in with everything and not even the torrential rain falling on the Mainstage made the fans present discouraged. In the city of Porto the audience was thrilled with the performance of the Israeli duo who also played great classics and where they also performed their new song with Paul Van Dyk. After the performance David Guetta followed, and in this case, I can’t claim much since I saw about 30 minutes from the French DJ set where he played his hits as well as playing his new song, exclusively for Tomorrowland. After these 30 minutes the tiredness was visible and it was time to have dinner because the night would still be long, while the “gentlemens” of Tomorrowland Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike performed, it was during their performance that was the peak with regards to special effects, something that had been well distributed throughout the event. However, fireworks were not lacking on the stage of Unite With Tomorrowland in Porto and that left all the audience clinging to the mobile phone that was filming this great moment. It was time for the last 3 performances, this time on the Porto stage. Robin Schulz…. expected more, however, without taking quality from the artist because he has it, it was an acceptable set. The schedule was not the best choice for the performance of Robin Schulz. The surprise came with the entrance of Alok who in his opening song presented the audience with trance and soon he made the whole audience cheer up and not leave the room. It was, in my opinion, a good surprise, with a set that went through different musical styles without forgetting its Brazilian roots, and with very high-quality mashups. It was undoubtedly the surprise of the night. Carnage followed, to close this first edition of Unite With Tomorrowland Porto, Papi Gordo was eagerly awaited by the weary, non-footed crowd, including me! It was 1 hour with incredible energy, with a lot of trap, Hardstyle and even Hardcore that left all the audience wanting even more and with the famous mosh pits happening naturally and at Carnage’s request.

It was the culmination of a night that will go down in history, with a great production and a stage, even if not perfect, was extraordinary though simple and with incredible light, pyrotechnics, fire and CO2 effects. Summing up… a great expectation was created around this event by having the name “Tomorrowland” that had a lot of weight in the audience adherence, however we can not compare to what is experienced in the real Tomorrowland. Although yes, if you want to give us the feeling that we are living the dream of being in Tomorrowland we cannot match both, however and as I mentioned, the whole organization is to be congratulated, there were no incidents, or failures. In what concerns the technical part of the show, only once did the sound not have the best quality and it was only for a few seconds because it was immediately adjusted and that should give merit to those who try to provide a great show to those who went to the event. At the audience level a great adherence, I honestly didn’t expect so many people, but I was glad the audience joined. One of the minor problems was just the bracelets that, for no reason, and not all, did not take over the deposit that had been made in them, something that motivated some queues that were quickly ending. This Cashless method, in my opinion, was quite positive, avoiding having money in the room, just showing the bracelet with the ID that was in the plastic of it. It was time to return home with the mission accomplished and happy to see another great event to be held in Portugal. A very positive experience.

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