A bag of fast beats has just been tossed by Emphaser, a german DJ/Producer devoted to the most underground variations of the Hardcore genre. Emphaser started his career in 2012, but only as a DJ when he had a party near his hometown, but two years later, in the end of 2014, he gave his first steps on the art of producing by creating some tunes from the heavy styles of Uptempo and Industrial Hardcore, giving it always a touch of a dark atmosphere.

This decision proved to be the best one just a year later, by getting a big booking for “Terror Machine – Addicted to Terror” where about 2000 people attended it. Later on, things went as fast as his tracks and labels like Triple Six Records and Terror Machine Records, which is where his new EP was released, signed him.

Embrace the Dark is both the name chosen for this album and its first track and it counts with five violent sounds, all packed together to give you the ugliest bass face you can get. This EP is not composed by regular Hardcore tracks, these are only for a few. This noisy tunnel starts with Uptempo and it ends with a Terrorclown remix, a name that defines what you should expect.


 01. Emphaser Ft Metaled – Embrace The Dark                   

02. Emphaser & Hardbouncer – Gangsta Beat

03. Emphaser & Effection – So Much Noise                      

04. Emphaser & Zion – The Chosen                             

05. Emphaser – Murder Everybody (Terrorclown Remix)

Embrace this dark piece and try it on your favorite portals:

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