The music industry will never evolve and bring out new sounds if there’s no pushing forward and Yotto just proved that he won’t stop breaking barriers. He just launched his own label, Odd One Out (which – fun fact – is the name of one of his tracks from his latest album – Hyperfall.)

In fact, bringing out some never heard sounds, the Finnish producer is brilliantly setting his name amongst the big guys and he is here to stay. He’s pushing dance music forward and no one can deny it. Odd One Out will showcase the best lesser known melodic techno and techno artists and tracks that should be recognized and he premiered it the best way possible – with a brand new record.

That’s right, the label got debuted with a song from the man Yotto himself and once you listen to Shifter, you instantly realize what the label will be all about and you get the feeling that big and good things will outcome of this project.

Celebrating the label, Yotto is also touring (mainly around the US) and the Odd One Out Tour will bring out the sounds that you probably never heard before.

‘We are all odd ones out there – this music is for the outsiders.

You can get your tickets here and listen to Shifter here:

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