People just can’t get enough of the Hexagon king’s work and neither does he seem like he’s stopping. He just released a brand new single called The Same Way and this is his 12th release of 2019.

If you’re a fan of Don Diablo, you know he was earlier known for his piano like sounds and that’s exactly what he brings out on this one. Combining those pianos with his evolved Future House characteristic sonorities, this is the perfect festival gun. In fact, after releasing several big remixes and some major original singles, he is now back with a new one! And they seem to keep on getting better!

Featuring the amazing KiFi, you can easily see (actually hear) what Don was feeling when he made the track and you’ve probably went through the same thing – wanting someone to love you the same way you love them.

That’s what it’s all about, beautiful melodies, beautiful lyrics, beautiful vocals and two powerful drops. We were there when he premiered it at RFM Somnii and everyone seemed to love it!

The official video should be out in the near future and Don said that it was shot at RFM Somnii! Maybe there’ll be a big Portuguese highlight on this one. Meanwhile, read our review on the festival: [REVIEW] RFM Somnii 2019 – Our experience as an attendee.

You can now listen to the track everywhere!

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