Daan Zoomers aka Invector is a young Dutch prodigy Hardstyle producer who is currently climbing immensely in his career.

A little less than a week ago, the young man announced that he would release a track (Play it Cool) on the label Roughstate and the “main MF” Crypsis played 3 new tracks of him at Dominator! We are really impressed…

Speaking a little more of Invector, this young man is 20 years old, native from Almere-Stad, started his career at Theracords ran by the legend Thera. His best-known tracks are Alienated and The Realness, with more than 100,000 hits in those tracks! Great start in this kid’s career, no doubt.

Invector has performed at Rebirth Festival, the Warface event – Live For This – Birthday Bash (in the second area), Loudness and plenty more festivals and indoor events. We believe that many festivals await his tracks and we will certainly have it briefly on the main stages!

How we found about him? On January 31, 2018 the label End of Line Recordings released The Rookie EP #1 and we listened for the first time a track of this prodigy (Multiply) and we decided to keep an eye on this artist. Once Rejecta played an Invector track (Gangster Shit) on his set on Decibel Outdoor Festival and many fans questioned who could have done that, we know! The one and only, Invector!

Nowadays many DJs already keep him under the eye, as stated before, Crypsis is one of those! What will be the next win? Stay tuned for his sets because Invector’s songs are easy to discover because this young man is creating a very unique style, surely any fan admires when this happens, have you noticed the time it must have taken to create this? Respect for this young man!

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