Great news for Blasco on his social media! He announced that he made the first anthem of his career, for the Timeless Festival. He teamed up with Sik-Wit-It to create a very interesting track!

The preview isn’t out yet, but you can already hear a bit of the track on episode 44 of Coone’s Global Dedication podcast:

The track starts quite heavy with a kick that does sound like a “hammer strike”. This leads to a break with spoken word vocals that put anyone in the right mood to hear this banger! The climax has a very addicting melody accompanied by a very well made kick and bass combination. The second climax features a melody variation that helps keep things interesting. Impressive effort from Blasco!

If you’ve not heard of this talent from Dirty Workz, be sure to get to know him, as he’s one of the ones to watch on Hardstyle. He’s been with the label since 2015 and some of his most well known tracks are Infinite, Take My Soul and his collaboration with Pherato, Survivor. You have his profile below to get to know more of him, and be sure to keep an eye out for a preview of his first anthem!

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