A name that shows the intensity you should expect from his sounds, The Satan, has just announced some fresh news. A symbol of the most underground sounds within the hard scene, that since the year 2006 has been working under genres like Drum & Bass, Break core and especially Hardcore. A man that is recognized for his heavy industrial kicks and breaks that remind you of crossbreed, just got the opportunity to take a step higher.

Knowing the amount of big crowds that come to events like Dominator, Masters of Hardcore, Harmony of Hardcore and Defqon.1 with the special purpose to watch his sets and the number of views of his most successful tracks like “Meat”, “Fake Spirit” and, most recently, his remix of “Send Me To Hell” from Angerfist at the biggest audio streaming platforms, it was time for a company like Most Wanted DJ Agency, responsible for the bookings of artists like Angerfist, Radical Redemption and Noize Suppressor, among many other big names, to make a call to Hell.

Since this very week, Most Wanted DJ is taking control of The Satan’s bookings all around the globe, although, once this agency is only responsible for getting the best contracts for all kind of shows, the artist will still release his tracks under PRSPCT Recordings label.

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