On the 8th episode of our Imminent Radioshow we are delighted to bring you a man known in the music industry as ALEX T!

Through his extensive years of Music Production and DJ’ing, he has developped quite the portfolio which allowed his career to take off. Known for producing a wide range of Genres, from Big Room House and Progressive House to even Trap and Hardstyle, Alexis likes to take his audience on a journey through electronic music,

His achievements are impressive, with his own productions have been growing each day, gathering already more than 1 million of plays/views around the internet (Youtube, Soundcloud, etc…), also capturing the attention of international DJs such as Mosimann, KEVU, Karetus, Olly James, ANGEMI, and many more…

And of course, we took the time to briefly interview Alex T, allowing you to get to know him a bit better!

“How was your start as an artist?”

My start was somewhere 6 years ago when I started doing (horrible) mixes in Audacity, then I progressed to Virtual DJ and got myself a DJ controller to learn more and more. I started producing 5 years ago and learned mainly from YouTube and feedbacks of producer friends that helped me a lot.

“Who’s your biggest inspiration?”

In terms of personal inspirations, my family is my biggest inspiration, I usually inspire myself from what I/we live to make my music (example: my track Heartbeat for my grandfather that passed away and my track Goodbye for my grand uncle that passed away also). In terms of artists, I can’t name only one since lots of artists inspired me since the beginning of my journey. But if I had to name a few of them, I would say: Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Headhunterz, KEVU and Karetus mostly!

“Which obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?”

Nowadays I still face a lot of obstacles, but the biggest that I faced and that I still face sometimes is the lack of belief in myself. I never have been a guy with a lot of self-estime and that affects my life in all ways. Usually what I do to fight against this problem is take some time off to understand myself and face my demons. It’s a good method since day by day, I feel more confident and comfortable with it!

So without further adue here is Alex T with an insane journey through his productions accross the years in this very exciting 8th Episode of our Imminent Radioshow!


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