Dominator, the Hardcore festival that will take place next weekend at the E3 Strand in Eersel, has some special gifts for this year’s edition. It is already known that the tickets are officially sold-out, which means that about 50.000 hardcore heads will attend this unique festival.

Facing these numbers, the organisation decided to offer some treats to their devoted fans, starting by expanding their grounds, giving more space to both dance and relax among sets.
The Chainsaw Tribe stage, which is the name of the place where you can find extreme hardcore, will benefit the most from these extensions, reflecting the growth of the harder styles like uptempo and industrial hardcore.

Even though this surprise is already enthusiastic for what it says about the future of Dominator, it isn’t the last one. DRS, one of the first tier when it comes to uptempo Hardcore and the man responsible for Triple Six Records, a label that gives an opportunity for new talents, will drop his new album at this very special meeting of extreme hard heads.

Also in this year’s edition, it’s going to be possible to see Proactive HC performing their first booking, a Hardcore duo that consists on Drokz, a living Terror legend, and Sander Boulonois, an upcoming DJ. Here, you can find the official Timetable and the links to download the official app, so you won’t miss a thing:

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