Are you ready for yet another groovy banger collaboration between Simon Fava and YVVAN BACK? You should be because ready or not, they just released “The Latin Anthem”, and it proves once more how marvelous the collaboration between these two masterminds can be.

Released under the infamous Enormous Tunes label, “The Latin Anthem” holds a title that is self-explanatory but in no way transmits the greatness and level of incredible vibes that come from this track. Starting with an extremely bouncy beat pattern, the melody starts growing ever so stronger, with the Tribal/Latin vocals catching up, allowing the track to reach another dimension.

Once the drop is over, you are greeted with a “Batucada” like breakdown, with a rather heavy kick keeping the pace up. Little to no time later, the track starts building once more until reaching its second climax.

This of course is not the first time these two have collaborated together in creating masterpieces, having joined forces previously this year, and releasing two outstanding Summer Anthem tracks, “La Celestina” and “La Colegiala”.

Although the previous released “La Colegiala”, and “La Celestina” feel like summer anthems and hold a more intrinsic sunny weather feel to them, this one allows you to travel to Latin America and experience the beauty in their sounds and culture.

Simon Fava was our 17th guest of the Future Connection Radioshow and it’s a true pleasure to hear such an amazing collaboration between two very talented producers.

But we’ll let the music do the talking, so here is, Yvvan Back and Simon Fava’s latest release, “The Latin Anthem”!

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