After 20 years of being a strong presence in the Hardcore scene, Neophyte Records is looking to refresh itself and search for new blood. For this, they’re launching a remix contest!

Founded by Neophyte himself, the label is home for the finest Hardcore since 1999 and has featured names such as Evil Activities, Endymion, Tieum, The Viper, Promo, Ophidian and Tha Playah to name a few, and has bet on several newcomers as years went by, such as Furyan, Icha, Synthax and Restrained.

Hardcore fans will definitely recognize many legendary tracks from this label, such as Evil Inside, My Misery, Wall Of Bass and On The Edge.

The remix contest offers three choices of tracks from different eras. So whatever kind of Hardcore floats your boat, if you’re a producer you most certainly have something for your taste in this selection, which starts with A Way Of Life from the year 2000, D.R.U.G.S from 2001 and Bounce 2 Diz from earlier this year. The interesting part of this contest is, regardless of what you choose, you are being given the chance to remix something that was, either in part or completely, made by the master himself, Neophyte – The first track is by Masters Of Ceremony, from which the label’s boss was a part of, the second one was by him and the third one is a collab he had with Restrained.

So be sure to fire up your studio computer, check out the contest and submit your take on these legendary tracks before the 20th of August!

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