Ones to Watch, a sub-label of Laidback Luke’s Mixmash Records is nearing its end. So, what happens now?

Ones to Watch has always been a label for wilder and more…”extreme” tracks that didn’t fit the ethos of Laidback Luke’s main label, Mixmash Records. Since it’s inception back in 2013, it supported and help build the careers of many DJ/Producers, providing a platform for those with a more unusual and hard to market sound. Among its ranks, are guys like Blasterjaxx, D.O.D, Loopers, Joel Fletcher, Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf, Juyen Sebulba, Antoine Delvig, Ibranovski and even the bossman himself; as they all used the Ones to Watch platform to grow into something far bigger, better and bolder.

But is this the end of OTW? Actually, no. It’s just going through a big rebrand. The announcement was made on OTW’s and Laidback Luke’s socials. From now on, OTW will be moved and “renamed” Mixmash Bold. According to Luke himself, it will still be a place for the best upcoming talent and club/festival bangers. The difference being that it will use the existent Mixmash platform, with future releases being announced on Mixmash’s socials for exemple.

In the meantime, OTW’s socials will be put on an hiatus as, according to Luke, preparations are being made for something bigger. Ones to Watch latest EP (Octopus EP), the last of a string of beast-named EPs, will be made available for free. Featuring tracks from upcoming talents Bsno, Awiin and Duckworthsound, it is well worth the download.

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