After a long and long-lasting growth, the Xtra Raw Hardstyle label, Gearbox Digital, will host an event to celebrate its 10 years of existence.

Over time, they have been creating their sound with unique sonorities, giving young Xtra Raw producers the opportunity to exhibit their power by showing Gearbox that they are able to reach the level they need to join the family.

Hardstyle top producers such as D-Sturb, Unresolved, Malice, Rooler, Rebelion, Luminite and among others, have grown a lot in their careers due to the change they made in Gearbox, they have been releasing, or have released, for a long time on this label.

Nowadays, Unresolved has opened his own label “RSLVD Records” and Malice along with Rooler, have also opened their label “Agressive Records”. Rebelion left Gearbox recently to look for new horizons, and many DJs left this label to progress on their career, we have the example of D-Sturb that for a long time was part of this label and nowadays is one of the best producers of the scene. The roots of their initial labels will never be forgotten, they have created many memories, released singles and thunderous albums and had the opportunity to host world-class stages at festivals. There will be more and more producers wanting to join this label and there will be more and more adherence it. The audience has been loving this type of sound. 

Well, let’s not talk about farewells and let’s talk about Gearbox’s future plans and what happened this year so far.

Ncrypta released an album that is called “Blackout” which is amazing, Thyron released his first album called “My Way” explaining the path that he took during his career and life in general, Physika is showing that he is able to take Gearbox to the extreme launching bombs behind bombs and Luminite continues to prove to many who is still alive! Want to know more about what’s going on? Follow Gearbox on social media and have fun there, if you are a recent fan of Xtra Raw, we certainly advise you not to miss the news this label will continue to release. 

Finally, as the title says and very well, the celebration of its 10 years!

On October 19th, Gearbox Digital is going to organize a special event in Utrecht, in the Netherlands, at Centraal Studios, having space for the classics and enough Showcases, you want to know which ones? Check the line-up!

The former Gearbox producers will be present at this beautiful event, remembering the glorious times they had there. There are some artists left to announce, but the line-up so far is worth purchasing your ticket!

If you are a fan of Xtra Raw Hardstyle and want to attend this event, the pre-sale starts on the 27th of January, mark it on your calendar!

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