The mysterious Gravedgr is back with another great release and this time will not be alone, prepare for the next level of “terror.”

Over time we are seeing more than Carnage on Heavyweight Records, there is a great talent that has emerged and that’s more and more renowned: Gravedgr, and it is the same as this time he releases a new track with Lit Lords.

“Rawside” is the new track of Gravedgr that shows once again the great work that he has been doing and also conveys its brand image, with a more mysterious type of music and his well-known Hard-Trap that has conquered enough fans.

Not to mention here also the contribution of the duo Lit Lords that also have a preference for trap, being this junction something very good, since they are artists with the same style but with different melodies, which also became a challenge to be able to give life to “Rawside.”

Gravedgr is still well on the way, with this great production that joins the rest that was already released on Carnage’s label, which has been a great help to start his career and achieve this success he’s had. “Kamikaze” and “Rampage” are the most heard and most streamed songs that the DJ and producer has released.

Listen below the new track of Gravedgr and Lit Lords:

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