The future of Future House is in good hands and this brand new collab between the golden boys Mesto and Jonas Aden is just a reminder of that.

In fact, after releasing multiple other tracks in 2019, on the one hand, from Mesto, Back & Forth, a record with Tiesto Can’t Get Enough and the instant hit Leyla and on the other hand Black Bird and I Don’t Speak French (Adieu), they have now joined forces and Your Melody is the result of the past few years of learning together.

When you start listening to the track you feel like you enter a whole new level of production and sound techniques, perfected and polished by time and every single detail is where it is supposed to be, fitting perfectly all the way.

It kicks off with a slight build up, leading softly into a strong gathering of energy, kicking it off on one of the most powerful drops out this week. You can really notice how much of a hard work they’ve put on this one and it will make you want to jump up and down on the first venue you can find.

It is out now on Musical Freedom and you can now listen to it here:

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