Infamously known for their outstanding parties and love for alcohol, there’s no denying that Da Tweekaz are one of Hardstyle’s most wanted names. Authors of iconic Disney anthem remixes such as Frozen and Moana, and also releasing under the prestigious Dirty Workz label tracks like “Komon”, “Back and Forth”, “Bad Habit” and more recently, together with Coone and Hard Driver, “The Elite”, this Norwegian duo helped carve the Harder styles as we know today!

Wide Future [WF]: First of all, thanks for your time! You guys are already quite the name and there are even some people outside of Hardstyle that have heard of you at some point. So first things first, what everyone wants to know… You’re at an open bar with wodka, tequila, piscola and Jägermeister, what would you choose?

Da Tweekaz [DT]: Thanks a lot for having us! Well, that’s a hard one. We’ll kick off with a few rounds of Jäger, then head on over to some Wodka mixes as well as a few Piscola’s and then finish off with a round of Tequila shots.

[WF]: You’ve already been on the scene for a considerable amount of time, and since you’ve started, Hard Dance, and Hardstyle in particular, have changed a lot. What are the most positive changes you’ve seen around you, and is there anything less good that you feel that’s happened?

[DT]: Probably everyone was a bit wary about the international growth of Hardstyle. You know, you want to make sure that it doesn’t become oversaturated or it becomes some kind of a fad. However, luckily the growth has been very organic, and the music has also grown in intensity as well as a quality. Larger events have also started accepting the style instead of something ‘underground’ and they’ve also noticed a lot of love for the style. Basically, we’re just very happy that the Hardstyle fans have remained so dedicated and that the newcomers have remained as dedicated as well.

At the moment we haven’t noticed any negative effects of the growth.

[WF]: In your extensive discography, you’ve had the chance to collaborate with many people, but the collab with Frequencerz stands out due to the differences between you and them. What did you take away from this experience, and can we expect similar collabs in the future?

[DT]: Yes, we collaborated on a release for their album a few years ago. Was fun to work with them as we get along quite well in the studio. However, since then we’ve done quite a few ‘out of the box’ collaborations, such as with Hardcore act “Destructive Tendencies”, D-Sturb and a more commercial act such as LNY TNZ. So, we’re not afraid of out of the box collaborations, if they’re up for the Tweeka-challenge.

[WF]: Your Frozen and Moana bootlegs had an immense success for their originality! Do you believe this changed people’s perceptions within the Hardstyle scene?

[DT]: Well, it has opened doors for people who may normally not entirely enjoy the genre. And it has gone off quite a good amount of times at some non-Hard Dance events. So, that’s cool.

Our intention was just to create something we enjoyed at the time as we’re big Disney fans. And we’re pretty sure everyone (even secretly) loves a bit of Disney from time to time.

[WF]: Some of the lyrics on your tracks are quite interesting. Become has a very deep meaning. Are there any particular episodes that motivated lyrics like the one on Tomorrow, or the one on This Is Special?

[DT]: We do try and work with themes. A lot of the times we work with a topline artist who has already written something that we can build off of. Other times, we take inspiration out of things we come across. Such as “Respect” which is actually a vocal from a YouTuber and we really felt the message he was portraying – basically showing respect to everyone as we do feel a lot of people tend to forget about decency and respect nowadays.

[WF]: By this point you were asked countless times for autographs, and we recall a picture of you two on stage in Decibel with a bra in your hands… Were you asked to sign it? What was the most interesting thing you’ve autographed?

[DT]: That bra just magically appeared out of nowhere Haha! It is definitely one of the weirdest things we have signed, but the list is quite diverse to be honest. We have signed everything from 100-euro bills, foreheads, cars, shoes to thongs, butts and even passports…

[WF]: You’re just a couple of months away from your performance in Portugal, a country that’s been out of Hardstyle’s map thus far. What are your expectations, and what did you hear about the Portuguese Hardstyle crowd? Did you hear anything about Portuguese producers?

[DT]: Yeah, we’re very excited to be performing in Portugal actually. If we can make any kind of presumptions, we believe they’ll be as crazy as our Spanish (and Mexican and Chilean) fanbase. People who enjoy a party, are happy to be there and just want to lose themselves in the music. We haven’t really heard any Hard Dance from any Portuguese artists yet. Curious to hear them though.

[WF]: Tweekalution is a new concept, and most of our followers are yet to see you live with it. What can people expect that wasn’t present on your performances previously? Will you bring that to Galp Beach Party?

[DT]: Well, Tweekalution is an event concept. Kind of like a solo concert. These event concepts we bring ourselves (obviously), mostly also always our alter ego “Tweekacore” and some of our dear friends who we feel fit on a certain stage. Tweekalution also showcases new music we work on, new visuals and of course… brand new Tweekalution rubber ducks. They’re like custom made superhero ducks. We’re very proud of these.

Galp Festival will be getting a true Tweeka-experience that we try and bring to every event.

[WF]: There are quite a lot of newcomers nowadays. If you had to highlight one for bringing something absolutely unique/ground-breaking to Hardstyle, who would that be?

[DT]: Very hard to choose. As most of them have quickly already made a name for themselves in the scene so we can’t really call them newcomers anymore. Guys like Sub Zero Project who are just blowing everything out of the water with their musical style and stage presence, but also our buddy Refuzion who is very very melodic and has such a good quality in his music.

[WF]: You’ve been chosen for Tomorrowland’s mainstage this year, one of the biggest stages in the whole EDM scene, and a performance in your second home, Belgium. Given Coone’s outstanding performance last year, what will you bring to the table to keep the bar high?

[DT]: Coone did an amazing job last year. Very proud of him and he really showcased the Hardstyle genre perfectly. So, that’s also what we’re aiming for. Showing the ‘non Hardstyle’ fanbase what the genre is all about, but also bringing our signature Tweeka-madness to the stage. So, we’re still working very hard. Thinking about what we will be playing. So, yeah… we’re very nervous about it as well to be honest.

[WF]: We know you guys like playing videogames, with such having inspired tracks with you sampling Half Life for example…  What are your favorite games at the moment? How about a gaming playlist from you guys on Spotify?

[DT]: Marcus is more the die-hard gamer of us two. Right now he is re-playing his favourite RPG series of all time called “Kingdom Hearts”. Sadly this can only be played on the PS4 so the fact that there are 9 games in the franchise, this will take some time. Other than that, we cannot wait for E3 (which is a huge gaming conference) to see what the future has in store for the gaming side of life. Traveling is a lot easier when you can game.

[WF]: You were part of Coone’s The Challenge album. Have you ever thought of doing a huge project in a short timeframe as well?

[DT]: Yeah, that was quite a while ago. That track became the ‘unofficial’ Anthem for the label Dirty Workz which we revamped a few years ago as well.

Doing a project within 30 days, not really something we have in mind. However, in 2014 (and 2016) we did kind of do this, but then spread it out across a whole year. So, our goal was to release 1 new track every month with a video clip. So, it was video clip, then 2 weeks later the release, then 2 weeks after that a new video clip and so on and so forth. It was very very intense and probably one of the most difficult things we’ve done.

[WF]: As we all know, you’ve had your own X-Qlusive… But we’re pretty sure you aren’t stopping here. Do you have your eyes on something bigger at the moment, or will you take a break like you did between Tweekay14 and Tweekay16 and just enjoy the good things you already have?

[DT]: To be really honest, we are absolutely slammed with performances all over the World and really happy about it. So, besides the intense tour schedule, intense music schedule for which we still have to release a large amount of music as well as our Tweekacore performances and release schedules for that on top of our Tweekalution event concept which we’re also bringing to many countries across the globe, we honestly haven’t had enough time to think about something new just yet 🙂

[WF]: Thank you so much for your time and looking forward to witness the greatness of your set at Galp Beach Party!

[DT]: Thanks for having us guys! See you all at Galp Festival, we can’t wait!

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