There’s no secret to the fact that Don Diablo is one of the most hardworking people in the dance music industry and he is now travelling towards a brand new album and tour.

In fact, after his latest FUTURE album, where he dropped some of his biggest tunes to date, he is now coming back with a forthcoming one, that will surely bring out all the futuristic and innovating sounds that we are used from the Dutch gentleman.

He is coming back with a brand new concept. He will premiere all the music from his upcoming album on a tour with shows that will create memories that will never and be the center of moments that people will cherish FOREVER.

That’s right this is the brand new name for the album and tour, being this Don’s goal for the future: vibrant (shout out to San Holo) shows that will surely last forever in people’s heart and mind.

These first shows will take place in New York, Milan, London, Paris, Tokyo and São Paulo and these will kick off his FOREVER album promotion.

Besides an album and a tour, Don’s label Hexagon has just reached its 100th release today and they celebrated it with a brand new one from the boss called The Rythm, which is actually self explanatory, as it makes you want to groove to the ‘rythm’ all night long. This is a huge milestone for the label and you can finally listen to it on all digital platforms.

Don’t forget that Don is coming to Portugal this Summer for RFM Somnii (on the 6th of July) and you can still get your tickets everywhere.

Meanwhile, listen to Don’ new release here:

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