Yesterday on Facebook, Theracords let their fans know that there’s a new member on their label. This new artist is one that most (if not all) fans of the label will know, because it is Aversion from the Labs sublabel!

Theracords decided it was about time for Aversion to take on a more prominent role within their ranks and has “upgraded” this amazing artist to the main label.

Aversion, real name Robin Kesting, has been in love with Hardstyle since a young age, and has been signed to Theracords Labs since last year. He was featured in the very first release at the label, the Chemical Compound Volume 1 EP that, along with his track Nightmare Visions, featured many tracks from other artists. He has since had many successful releases such as In The Night, his collaboration with Legion named The Beyond, and more recently Bringin’ Sexy Back with Qriminal.

This artist has already had bookings on reasonably well known events such as Loudness and Supersized Kingsday Festival, and will perform at Defqon.1 later this month. Hopefully this move to the main label will allow him to add more and more bookings at the biggest festivals!

If you don’t yet know who Aversion is and what’s his sound like, head over below to his Spotify profile to have a listen! You won’t regret it. Be sure to keep an eye out for this guy in the future.

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