After 4 years in the studio producing intensively, Rejecta decides to release an album “Rise of Rejecta”. We couldn’t wait to hear it after all the teases published and after all the hype generated by his album presentation performance at Qapital. So let’s get straight into it…

Rise of Rejecta

Starting with the first track “Rise of Rejecta”, the Dutch producer tells the story of how he felt during the production of the tracks and also in relation to his career, he waited so long for the right moment.

Angels in the Sky

What a magnificent collaboration with B-Front, these vocals definitely leave anyone quite sentimental. This combination between the powerful kicks from Rejecta and the dark melodies of the master B-Front were a great match! Not always the “Rawstyle” is about strong beats and sharp melodies, there is the emotional side sometimes.

Insane Brain

A melody that easily sits on your head and it’s hard to leave as soon as it enters! The first Psy drop with Raw made fans happy with this merger. The track also has a beautiful climate that makes it very addictive.


Known by many as the track that gave the name to Rejecta, the track that was first played on Qlimax by the Frequencerz in 2017. This track was the one Radical Redemption wanted the crowd to sing along to on the last edition of Hard Bass. And the final result was hilarious. We can draw the conclusion that maybe this is the most popular Rejecta track.

Dare To Respond

Another track with excellent climate, but this time it represents the black side of the Rejecta. As a representative of Raw this track contains the most aggressive side of the stories behind each song. “Why does everything have to be SO GOD DAMN HARD?

Move My Body

Ready to move your body? This track has very fine melodies and it stays true to its name – you’ll definitely want to move your body. An excellent build-up with phenomenal drops.

Give a Damn

Rejecta does not give a damn and creates this super powerful track. With its extremely powerful kicks the artist launches this track to destroy stages and clubs. As expected, this gentleman’s melodies are certainly made to stay in the head, consequently, these drops leave anyone willing to break everything they see ahead. Rawstyle my friends!

Deserve to Die

Rejecta certainly was very unnerved in the creation of this song because as you can see by the title you can expect a quite malicious track. Also, this track was first played on Qlimax in 2017 by Frequencerz. Days after the set was released on YouTube there were a lot of fans asking who had made it.

Other Worlds

This is a beautiful collaboration with one of the elements of the End of Line label, Artifact. Many consider it to be the best collaboration of the album due to the melody from Rejecta and the unique kicks from Artifact combined in a single track.

Let My Tape Rock

Xtra Raw could not be left behind, certainly one of the tracks that made the sound of the Rejecta unique. After hearing this song you will undoubtedly identify the individual that we are talking about in this article. These 4 years waiting for the right moment were really worth it.

Deserve to Die (Rude Convict Remix)

This small producer decided to take one of the biggest tracks of Rejecta and modify it in his own way. It’s very pleasing to the ears of the fans and hopefully more remixes will come from this guy in the near future.


Legends, a collaboration with the Frequencerz! Well… It seems they decided to make a track that defined what these producers are in the eyes of many people in the Hardstyle community. This track was first played at Defqon.1 2018 on the first day, fans were totally crazy! Here too we can draw the conclusion that Rejecta wanted to look for his more melodic and joyful side.

Kicked Out

An unexpected collaboration with one of Rawstyle’s greatest legends, E-Force. This track was first played on Hard Bass (on the last edition).

Who would ever say we would hear the single scream of E-Force with the maximum power kicks from Rejecta! Not to mention the melody that leaves anyone without a voice. Certainly a track to listen to over and over again.


The composition of this track is somewhat genius. A melody quite different from what we are used to hear from this mighty master. The most common problem of all producers is that sometimes the tracks always have the same composition and for the first album of this gentleman, we get a bit of everything. Congratulations Rejecta!

Court of Justice

This collaboration of this Hardstyle producer with Restrained was also played for the first time on Hard Bass and it left the public in delirium because no one expected that Rejecta would increase the BPMs. Funny fact about this track is the screech of “Rise of Rejecta”, which, in our opinion, has been reused very well and matched the many BPMs of this track.

To complete this review, we recommend you to listen to the album of this promise. We are completely grateful that he has released the album, we will surely hear the tracks of this master many times!

Much mixed feeling, a lot of fury, we once again welcome Rejecta by the release of this album. Rise!

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Favorite Tracks
  • Give a Damn
  • Kicked Out
  • Angels In The Sky
Least Favorite Tracks
  • Hardness
  • Dare to Answer
  • Insane Brain
8.2Overall Score

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