After seeing his track “For Life” being released under Third Party‘s label Release Records and receiving beautiful amounts of support from across the globe, Francisco Cunha is here to deliver a marvelous guest-mix, that will show once more the Progressive is alive!

Thanks to his hard work and dedication, Francisco found himself stepping on the same stage as some of this world’s greatest names, such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Nervo, Showtek, Thomas Gold aswell as performing in the infamous Nova Era Beach Party back in 2014.

“How was your start as an artist?”

“It all started as pure fun and enjoying music overall. Slowly I began to learn some things all by myself and after some time I started to go to a studio here in my city every week and practicing with the CDJ and trying to become better. From there opportunities appeared organicaly and I began playing in high school parties, which also helped me developed my skill set and gain some recognition around my city. In regards to my production skills, it is a long journey, that’s still developping, but mainly, i learned through tutorials on the Internet and I know that it’s still a learning process.”

“Who’s your biggest inspiration?”

“My biggest music inspirations differ from people like Erick Morillo all the way to Swedish House Mafia, the ones who I consider to be legends regarding dance music. They were the ones who brought me here and made me feel electronic music the best way possible.”

“Which obstacles have you faced along the way and how did you surpass them?”

“Me and every other artist in existence, follow their own individual path to achieve success. We go through our own highs and lows. We have to learn to adapt. That is essential for a healthy career. Being able to accept the art of rejection and to learn how to deal with criticism is also a key factor. We also have to be reasonable and accept that we won’t please everyone with our kind of music. Sometimes I dont feel motivated enough but I quickly try to think on positive vibes so my energy can rise again. We have to keep working on the things we love and eventually the results will knock on our doors.”

Are you ready to let Progressive take over your body and soul? You should be, because here is Francisco Cunha delivering one of the most beautiful 1-hour mixes in existence!

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