Two of the greatest duos of electronic music, Yellow Claw and Galantis, decided to join forces and create a new theme and it was quite good.

When we talk about Yellow Claw, we imagine something energetic, something with a strong bass and that completely transforms listening to your music. When we talk about Galantis we think of something slow, but also with a lot of quality, and something that can be played in any dancefloor. Well, they both got together and created their latest track: We Can Get High.

A track that presents a very good vocal and that fits perfectly in the melody, giving a more cheerful air to the music. A song that has enough influence of Galantis and that therefore is something more within their genre, thus being more comfortable in this subject. However, this being a track of both groups, it is something different and good.

Both at a great time show that they are have lots to show and they also present the ability to do something new with artists of different styles. Yellow Claw most recently released the EP “Danger Days” with great collaborations and more recently Galantis have released “Bones” with the One Republic.

Listen below to the new track of Yellow Claw and Galantis:

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