On Tuesday, Alex T released a very sentimental Progressive House track along with the duo Alphka, which is called “Goodbye” in tribute to his beloved deceased grandfather Manuel (grandfather of one member of Alphka who passed away last year) and Uncle Vasco (that passed away in January) of the young Portuguese promise, Alex T.

Together with Roxana’s voice, Alex T and Alphka wanted to produce a track that could demonstrate their feelings in the face of these losses, it is surely a song that makes anyone shiver, with a very touching melody and vocals. It is not easy to deal with such situations and Wide Future wishes the best for these young people.

Speaking a little more of Alex T, this brilliant 20 year old producer was born in Paris and came to Portugal 9 years ago, began his career as a DJ 6 years ago, he started to act in small school parties and ended up performing in very famous clubs in Portugal and festivals, such as the Dancefloor Festival, Nature Festival, Summer Fest in S. Martinho do Porto, the famous Portuguese nightclub in Leiria, Palace Kiay and opening an event that was dedicated to the Hardstyle DJs in Portugal, Battle Royale in Lisboa ao Vivo. He also acted in the Semana Académica de Setúbal twice and Aveiro once. What progress this DJ is having in his career! Put your eyes on this kid!

His musical production began 5 years ago, having already produced tracks and remixes alone and in collabs of Progressive House, Big Room, Tropical House, Afro House, Hip Hop, Trap, Future Bass, Psy-Trance, Melbourne Bounce, Groove and Hardstyle.

You are probably asking yourself how he was able to produce so many styles of music… It’s simple, this young man’s dedication to wanting the electronic music scene in Portugal to grow is indeed monstrous, consequently, when he saw the results appear, this ambitious young man wanted more and more. Wide Future congratulates Alex T’s dedication to never giving up, after so many obstacles this guy has faced, he is definitely going up in his career and he does not want to stop.

Are you curious to know which tracks this Portuguese producer has been producing until now? Follow him on SoundCloud and adventure yourself there! Certainly you will not regret it.

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